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This Link will Direct you to the Login Form for Paid Members of the Sewing Pattern Secrets Pattern Library.

You can also access this if you go to www.sewingpatternsecrets.com/home


You received this access when you purchased your digital order.  It was sent after your receipt/Thank You email ~ and after you “registered and created a password”.

The above access link will only function if you already “registered” with that first email receipt link.

If you did not purchase any patterns.  This link will not work.


To purchase our patterns, go to this link.


If you purchased and you need help accessing your purchased digital sewing patterns, write us at:


or Call:  1-833-SEW-EASY


Marjorie Vaudreuil

Marjorie Vaudreuil, also known as Margie of SewingPatternSecrets LLC, is a writer and avid sewist with a background in fine art and design.

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