Toddler Denim Jeans Sewing Pattern: Pockets, Faux Zipper, Back Elastic Waist Jeans Pattern for Beginners

Lil Tux from Sewing Pattern Secrets

We love this Vest Sewing Pattern because it is so versitile!  It is part 1 of 2 vest patterns on the same PDF file.  The other is the Western Vest.  More on Western Vest later. This two-in-one pattern file is just one of our growing library of over 125 sewing patterns offered exclusively on our pattern library for the one-time price of $67.  See our offer here.

Both costumes are quick and easy, but they are also high quality vests which are great for back to school, school photos, holidays and events.

You WILL save money on this sewing project.  Fabric requirements are small and the project is rewarding!

Western and Tux Vest Views

Lil' Tux Sewing Pattern: Beginner/Intermediate

As long as the beginner has an understanding of how full linings are constructed, a beginner may successfully accomplish this project.  

Full written instructions are provided, along with schematics, as we provide with all of our patterns.

Size Chart

Vest Size Chart

Fabric Suggestions

We used Armani wool suiting fabric.

Wovens 3oz – 10 oz

Wool, Linen, Cotton, Silks, Bamboo, Polyester, Blends

Worsted wools, tweeds, faux leathers, suiting.

Lining:  China Silk, Calico Cotton, Sateens

Back of Vest

Detailed Instructions with Every Pattern

This construction has 11 steps for Lil Tux Vest and 12 for Western Vest.  The pattern uses 10 pieces of paper and the buttons and tux back tab are draw on the pattern for ease.

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