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Unlock the Secrets of Sewing Patterns:  Introducing our Exclusive Database of Sewing Patterns.  We proudly present Sewing Pattern Secrets, an exceptional database of 137+ curated digital patterns to provide you with a lifetime of creative possibilities. 

For a limited time, we are thrilled to offer you access to our extensive library, featuring (Now 137) meticulously crafted patterns, each with step-by-step instructions, fashion illustrations and detailed schematics, and 46+ instructional videos, all at an unbeatable one-time price of just $67.  See Offer Here


  • What Patterns are Inside the Site?
  • Something for Everyone
  • Our Style Explained
  • Skill Levels of our Patterns
  • Percentage of Patterns per Category (Excellent Description)
  • Curated, Easy-to-Sew Construction Defined
  • Images of a Few of Samples
  • A Wholesome Experience on our Site

Explore details of some of the patterns in the Sewing Pattern Review Section for individual patterns, as we roll out a blog for each pattern, which now total over  137 patterns.

Quick Peek Inside

What Patterns are Inside?

There are well over 137 sewing patterns now on the membership site. Whilst we can’t show you every pattern, we can give you a peek inside and summarize what you get for $67!

Something for Everyone in the Family

We offer something for everyone in the family.  (We are also working on pet pieces for next year).  If you are only sewing for yourself and you are plus sized, please be advised that we only have about 10 patterns in the 137 for sizes over 16.  We take suggestions but since we only offer one free pattern a month, the patterns are being evenly allocated across all categories.  Your opinion matters and will be an important factor in determining our launch sequence.  Email us with your opinions:

Style Explained

Our pattern’s style is modern, comfortable fit for most pieces.  The dresses, skirts and blouses are comfortable, but try to also keep in mind to keep the patterns timeless, so that your hard earned money and investment of time is not out of style next year!  We also consider ease of sewing and availability of fabrics online when we design.  We purchase our fabric at online stores just like our customer’s would and so we know what is being offered and available to you!

Size Categories

Women’s Sizes 6-16 (Several Different Designer Charts)

Men’s XS-XXL

Premie and Baby

Toddler 1 Year to 5 Year

Kid’s Size 4-12

Plus Sizes 14X-24

Skill Level of our Patterns

Approximately 60-70% of our patterns can be successfully accomplished by a Beginner/Intermediate.

We explain each skill level on our site.  See skill levels here.

Design Types

Like we’ve mentioned there is something for everyone in our membership site.  Some types of patterns you will see:

  • Essentials Everyday Wear (Casual and Drawstring Pants, Sweatshirts, Long and Short Sleeved tops and blouses for men and women, nightwear, robes, stretch leggings and joggers)
  • Kid’s Costumes
  • Dresses and Skirts for Women and Girls
  • Exercise and Casual (Men, Women, and Children)
  • Work and Event Wear (Mostly for Women, Men a few pieces)

Percentage of Patterns Per Category

This is an ever changing table, but generally speaking as of 2023, the library is made up of the following:


125+ Sewing Patterns
$ 67 One-Time Price
  • 35% Women's Clothing, Accessories, Aprons
  • 23% Kid's Clothing
  • 15% Kid's Costumes, Cosplay, and Miscellaneous
  • 10% Premie, Infants, Toddlers
  • 9% Men's Clothing and Accessories
  • 8% Plus Sized Women's

Our Models

We do not use child models.  There are one or two images without head shots, by permission to show the garments being worn, but it is our policy to never show a child’s face on social media or ads.  

For this reason, we apologize for not having “beautiful cute children” in our advertising like other pattern companies are able to do.


Curated Easy-to-Sew Construction

We exhaustively test our patterns, and intricately write all of our instructions so that a beginner should be able to read through all of our patterns without much trouble.  Every piece we design is thoughtfully and personally written and edited with our customers in mind.  Each pattern takes about 4-6 months to develop.

Our Process in a Nutshell:   Seamstresses, Designers, Editors and Owner 

1-2 Months:  Design Planning and First Size Designed by Hand on Designer’s choice of software.

1 Week:  Design is entered into 3D software for first checks and discussion, fabric solutions discovered, major design edits and alternatives, add ons and improvements are realized and solved.

1 Month:  Pattern hand-graded, instructions decided and drawn.  Small section samples also made during this period, if needed.

1 Month:  Pattern put through 3D software a second time, all sizes.  Instructions, charts, edits, checks and rechecks manually.  Several fabrics are purchased for several samples using same as 3D software.

1 Month:  Changes and 3D design again.  More editing of instructions and final big changes.

1 Week:  First sewn sample. Changes submitted.  Editing of all documents. 

1-4 Weeks:  Second Sample.  Repeat 3D pattern and manual instruction changes, as necessary until perfect.  Sometimes 4-5 times.

1-2 Weeks:  Final editing of documents for readability, grammar, context, final proofing of actual sew vs written for more improvements.  Formatting, spelling, fit to page, PDF for all printing sizes, encryption, saving and uploading.  Summaries written, photos and drawings uploaded, backed up, fabric sample suggestions provided.

1 Week:  Blog written of each pattern.

Current Members:  Access these patterns on our library by logging into the library.

Purchasing these Patterns:  If you’re interested in purchasing these patterns, they are only available as part of our pattern library (125 patterns for a one-time $67) in our sales offer at

As you explore this page, please bear in mind that the showcased patterns only offer a glimpse into the vast array of designs available within our database.  To ensure optimal image presentation and seamless browsing experience, we have thoughtfully organized our patterns across multiple pages.

You will enjoy this page, even if you’ve already purchased our database, as new patterns roll out every month and there’s so much new all the time.

So whether you’ve already purchase our database or not, visit frequently to see what’s new.

A Few More of
our Membership Patterns

We aim for a Wholesome Experience at Sewing Pattern Secrets!

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