Free Dress Sewing Pattern: Classic Shift Dress with Darts

Classics Shift Dress

Get this shift dress sewing pattern free as part of our five free sewing sampler site!

This dress is perfect for summer, with a lined facing and sleeveless bodice.  We provide a video on how to perform the burrito roll assembly of the bodice top, which gives a beautifully finished look, even an intermediate can accomplish!

The darts on this piece make this an intermediate piece, so you must have some knowledge of how to make sure the darts will hit you at the bust apex properly, in order to adjust the pattern.  The size is universal, so a good percentage of sewists should be able to fit this for regular sizes, with little issue.  We also provide a short video on how to sew darts.  We are in process of providing written steps for darts on this blog as well.

Fabrics: Woven fabrics in cotton or cotton blends will work for beginners, but intermediates and above would like to try their hand in fabrics that may fray, which is an added challenge that beginners would not find appealing, especially with the darts and burrito roll already being a challenge for them.

We used a washable linen blend on all of our samples.

Notions:  Lightweight Woven Interfacing

Classic Shift Dress
Classic Shift Dress without Pockets
Shift Chart Sizes

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