Amazon Prime: How to Search for Fabric Discounts on Amazon Prime (Quickly & Skillfully)

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Amazon Prime:  Our comprehensive tips for Amazon search will do more than help you find inexpensive fabric.  Using our tips can save you time and money on anything you purchase on Amazon and the list at the end of this blog will help you see all the new benefits of a Amazon Prime Membership.

You might want to bookmark this page for later, as we are about to blow your mind with tips!

In This Blog:

1) Prime Day Quick Fabric Discount Search (Work Done for You)

2) Menu Search for Fabrics on Prime

4) Filter for Types of Fabric: Apparel, Costume, Arts and Crafts

5) Brands We Trust vs Brands Amazon Showcases

6) Selecting Vendors

7) 19 Comprehensive Cost Saving Tips on Prime and Prime Day.

Prime Day Quick Search for Discount Fabric

The quickest advice for Prime Day is to do the following:

1) Click the drop down for Arts, Crafts & Sewing

2) Type in “Discount Fabric by the Yard” in the search bar.

There you have it the fastest way to search for discounts, or you can click this link for shopping with this filter already done for you.

Fabrc Search: Expand the Menu - Filtering is Essential

Continue to read for more detailed searching for discount tips on Amazon.  

1)  Scroll to Shop By Department. Click “See All”. 

2) Click “Arts, Crafts & Sewing”

3) Click “Fabric” (in the horizontal menu).

4) Click Fabric by the Yard on the left column for clothing fabrics.

Tip:  Use the fabric designers first name if you know it.  “Robert Kaufman” rather than “Kaufman”.

These menus are improved even in the 2 months preceding the writing of this article, so expect constant change in filtering.

Read on for all the tips:

Amazon Menu Bar

Types of Fabric (Apparel vs Arts and Crafts Quality)

In the column to the left are types of fabric.  If you are looking for good quality fabrics including wool felts and muslin for mockups, be sure to select “apparel fabric” and not arts and crafts fabric.  The quality for crafts fabric is often not as good as apparel.


Clothing or Costume Quality

If you’ve selected instead the category of fabrics, shown below, you will see a bunch of icons with options for clothing and costume fabrics.

Also shown below, they even have “Prime Eligible Fabrics”-

Fabric Category Prime

Fabric Brands We Trust

A strong word of advice when selecting a clothing quality fabric on Amazon is know your brands!  If you do not know the brand name, and the fabric seems to be coming from somewhere dubious, remember that other countries do not have to list qualities of their fabric on their bolts.  So, stick with proven names and vendors until you are sure of their quality.  Order smaller amounts to test their fabric quality and shipping times and  methods.  Also, are they true to the advertisement listing?  Is the vendor really selling cut fabric, or are they sending fat quarters?

Below is a list of brands we know are of the highest quality (not necessarily highest price) We welcome comments in our blog from you, for brands that you feel confident about, and you’ve seen on Amazon for sale.  Your comments will really help our readers.

  1. Robert Kaufman (wonderful wovens for beginners and traditional clothing) especially his Kona Cotton
  2. Spoonflower (You can email them and ask for a sampler pack) They do have knits and stretch fabrics as well as wovens.
  3. Timeless Treasures (quilting and wovens)
  4. Liberty Fabrics is a high quality beloved fabric for wovens like lawn and traditional sewing.  
  5. Moda (Wovens like Batiks for apparel and quilting cottons)

That’s all the fabric brands I trust so far. 


Amazon's List of Fabric Brands

Below is a list of brands Amazon has showcased.  Note:  Most brands on the list look to sell primarily for quilting, even though this list was in the apparel section. 

Amazon Fabric Vendors

Selecting Vendors

As far as the vendors, be sure to check the ratings and comments from previous customers.  Try out a vendor and brand on a discount sample for a less important sewing project.

We are continuing to monitor fabric buying for you.  See our article on other online fabric stores.  We highly recommend checking out the Handmade section of Amazon, not for fabrics, but for other handmade things.  We know there are quite a few sellers being forced off of Etsy right now, as there is a continuing saga with the payment processing.  Sellers have been complaining in droves that Etsy has been imposing a freeze on payments and/or a sudden and unannounced increase in the threshold for monthly commission payments.  This threshold has been intact for years and Etsy seller need the consistency of payments.  These smaller companies are shipping their product and in some cases they are eating any profit when a customer returns a product, with no income payments from Etsy.  It’s a real problem.  So we support Etsy Handmade and their sellers.

We do recommend going to Etsy as well.  The variety of fabric and notions is very good and these small retailers really need you.   Write the seller first and ask them if they are still using Etsy or if they are also trying to use other platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.  If they are moving off the platform, they need your business. 

Etsy is good for the sellers because they handle the tax nexxus.  A very complicated and important tax consequence when selling in the United States.  The small business saves thousands a year with these payment platforms. The alternative is to pay quite a bit to large accounting software platforms that will handle it for the seller, but it’s not worth it to a small business as the monthly fees would eat all of the profits. 

I’m quite sure, having Martha Stewart on Etsy now, is not helping matters either.



Comprehensive Tips for Smart Shopping for Inexpensive Fabric on Amazon

The information in the list below is gleaned from Amazon site. There are no Amazon affiliates links on this particular list below.  It is provided for your convenience.

  1. Adjust the price filter.
  2. Look for deals available TODAY
  3. Confirm availability
  4. View popular products
  5. Browse wish-listed and browsed items for reduced prices
  6. Check related search items (See Image Below)
  7. Purchase a full bolt.
  8. Shop final sale items
  9. Seek out percentage discounts and limited-time offers
  10. Apply available coupons (As show in the image below)
  11. Explore the outlet section
  12. Browse Woot Deals. (See Image Below with all the savings options shown in the drop down.)
  13. Check the Warehouse Section
  14. Shop the under $10 store
  15. Take advantage of Amazon Prime Day JULY 11-12, 2023
  16. Amazon Prime Household Memberships. 10 Members Family enjoys videos, free shipping, 1000 Ebooks, Unlimited Music, Apps and Games (Luna and TwitchTV), 5GB of photo storage space, Amazon Pharmacy.  Free membership for one month, if you’ve not had Prime subscription in 12 months.
  17. Use a tool to track prices.
  18. Check your Alexa Shopping List
  19. Your Credit Card may have a deal to use your points at checkout. 

Below is the screenshot of the clearance dropdown you’ll find on “An Amazon Company”

Woot Clearance

Coupons Near the item listing

Below is a screenshot of where you will find coupons, discounts and special promotions on your item.

Amazon coupon

Wish List and Browsing Lists

Check your wishlist or browsing histories during the sale to see if there’s something that you wanted in the past, but thought the price was too high.  You’ll be able to see at a glance if there’s a discount during the Prime Event.

Start typing a brand name and look to see what comes up in the search.

Below you can see I started to type Kaufman and then…. Kaufman-sales came up as an option, so I clicked that.  Try “Kaufman-sales” or whatever you like “Nike-sales” and see what you get.  However, that Kaufman is not the same as the fabric. So be more specific Try, “Kaufman Fabric” under the Arts and Hobbies section instead.

Then you’ll realize you need to use his first name too to narrow the search.  AND use “Fabric By The Yard”.  That will give you fabric for clothing, versus the quilting fabric which is precut into smaller pieces.

You need to select it from the left side column, otherwise you still get everything else from other brands too.

search bar

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