Bib Sewing Pattern for Beginners: Newborn Burping Bibs

Burbing Bib Pattern

This Newborn Bib is an easy baby bib sewing pattern for baby shower or gift. Sew this pattern as part of a Grow-A-Long bib series, with the Baby Sized Angel’s Wings Bib and the Toddler Sized Catch-All Bib.  All three of these bibs are available in the Paid Membership Site.  To see that offer go to

The Angel’s Wings Bib is also available as one of five free sewing patterns in our sampler site.

Newborn Burping Bib
Entry / Beginner Level

A sweet, simple practical piece for the newborn in your life. Tips on sewing this bib in assembly line fashion are provided.

Entry Level Sewists can successfully accomplish this project ~ probably in a morning.

Fabric: 4 – 6.5 oz cotton wovens like diaper cloth or baby flannel.


Sizes Newborn to 2 Years

Although this pattern is suggested for newborns, it is also available in 2 other sizes for babies up to 2 years.

Easy Pattern

Fabric Requirements:  You could use fat quarters to make this pattern.  It requires very little fabric. 

It is a one piece pattern with only 9 steps including snap directions.

Note about fabric to beginners:  Be careful about fabric selection not to get a fabric that is too high in pile, as the seams are tight and curved and you will not be able to clip the curves very well which will create bulk and a messy finish.

Fabric weight is important:  Try a thinner diaper cloth, a very thin terry cloth, absorbent fabrics made of 100% cotton, cotton flannels and even waffle or cotton velours or double brushed.

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