Beginner Hobby Apron Pattern Review: Adjustable Neck and Fastener with Video Tutorial and Top Pocket Velcro Closure

Hobby Apron Pattern

Enjoy making this Beginner Friendly Hobby Apron.  Use for Grilling, Gardening, Painting and Art Class!

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Hobby Apron for Under $10 in supplies, Easy and Fast!

Women's Hobby Apron: Beginner Level

Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

This pattern is great for a beginner.  The top pocket (instead of complicated pockets) and the assembly make this beginner able.

Fabric is also great for a beginner:  Up to 7-8oz Twill, Denim, Coating, Corduroy, Canvas, (Garbardine is good, but the surface will repel liquids to drip down)

We used a beautiful Japanese Twill and we’ve found a similar 100% cotton twill to suggest. 



Video Tutorials

Two video tutorials are included in this pattern.  One for the TriGlide Metal fastener and one for the top pocket.  Availble only on the paid membership platform.  

Top Pocket Video

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