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Sales Tax Holidays

A sales tax holiday can save you a good chunk of money — if you know when it is and how it works. In 2023, July and August are opportunities to save money in many states, especially if you’re looking for back-to-school deals. But there are tax-free holidays sprinkled throughout the year on other categories, including emergency- and weather-preparedness items, energy-saving appliances and hunting supplies.

Permanent Tax Free States: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming

Here’s what you need to know to take advantage of a sales tax holiday.

What is a sales tax holiday?

A sales tax holiday is a period of time during which many states remove sales tax on certain types of items. Often, the tax-free benefits are limited to a single weekend, but sometimes there are much longer terms.

Sales tax holidays typically restrict eligible purchases by criteria such as product and price. For example, you might be able to purchase computer models that cost up to $1,000 tax-free, but not ones that cost more.

When is the sales tax holiday or tax-free weekend in my state?

Sales tax holidays vary by location — and not every state has one. In some cases, the state sales tax may be zero during the holiday, but stores might still have to collect a city or local sales tax. Keep in mind that some states already don’t collect a state sales tax. Local governments (the city or county, for example) can still levy tax in those states, though.

Here’s a look at the states with sales tax holidays in 2023 and the items that will be tax-free, according to the Federation of Tax Administrators.


2023 Sales Tax Holidays by State



Eligible merchandise / Maximum cost per Item


Feb. 24-26

Hurricane-preparedness generators / $1,000 Weather-preparedness supplies / $60


July 21-23

Clothing / $100 Computers / $750 School supplies / $50 Books / $30


Aug. 5-6

Clothing / $100 School supplies / No maximum


Aug. 20-26

Clothing and footwear / $100


July 1, 2023-June 30, 2024

Energy Star appliances / $1,500-$3,000


July 24, 2023-Aug. 6, 2023, Jan. 1, 2024-Jan. 14, 2024

Back to school school supplies – $50 clothing – $100 computers – $1,500


Sept. 2-8

Tool time, including: Work gloves / $25 Flashlights and bags / $50 Toolboxes / $75 Test equipment / $100


Aug. 4-5

Clothing / $100


Feb. 18-20

Energy Star products / No maximum


Aug. 13-19

Clothing and footwear / $100


Aug. 12-13

All tangible personal property / $2,500 (except vehicles, food, alcohol, gas, certain utilities, tobacco, marijuana)


July 28-29

Clothing and footwear / $100


Aug. 25-27

Firearms, ammunition, hunting supplies / No maximum


April 19-25

Energy Star products / $1,500


Aug. 4-6

Clothing / $100 Computers / $1,500 School supplies / $50


Oct. 27-29

Purchases by National Guard members / No maximum

New Jersey

Aug. 26-Sept. 4

School and art supplies / No maximum Instruction materials / No maximum Computers / $3,000

New Mexico

Aug. 4-6

Clothing / $100 Computers / $1,000 Computer equipment / $500 School supplies / $30


Aug. 4-6

Clothing / $75 School supplies / $20


Aug. 4-6

Clothing / $100

South Carolina

Aug. 4-6

Items include computers, school supplies, clothing / No maximum


July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023

Gun safes and safety devices / No maximum


July 28-30

Clothing / $100 School supplies / $100 Computers / $1,500


April 22-24

Generators / $3,000 Storm devices / $300 Preparedness items / $75


May 27-29

Energy Star products / No maximum Air conditioners / $6,000 Other / $2,000


Aug. 11-13

Clothing, backpacks, school supplies / $100

West Virginia

Aug. 4-7

Clothing / $125 School supplies / $20 Sports equipment / $150 Computer or tablet / $500

Source: Federation of Tax Administrators

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