Blouse Sewing Pattern: Advanced Level Knit Blouse with Optional Collar

women's blouse sewing pattern

This lovely women’s shell blouse pattern is available only in our paid pattern library.  It is an advanced level sewing pattern because of it’s knit fabric requirement.  

Jonquille en fleur Flutter Collar Shell Blouse

Perfect for going back to the office or working remote.  This shell shirt has a lovely neckline to dress up any occasion.  Wear it by itself, or under a blazer.

This shell is challenging for a beginner because of the linen-like fabric which frays and the fitting requirements.  Intermediates look for bamboo knits and knits that don’t fray.  Use pinking shears, a walking foot, if needed.  Use a Jersey Needle.  Challenges: knits, neck facing tape, stay tape.

Sizes:  6 – 18 (See Chart Below)

Fabric: 3.5 -6oz Lightweight knits like bamboo or linen knit, linen blends, slub fabrics, and cotton knits.   You should be an advanced level sewist for this project.  Intermediates who insist on trying, You must use the stay tape on the armholes and shoulders!!

Fabric Suggestions:
Linen 40% / Poly 60% Jersey Slub Knit (Good for Intermediates)
​100% Linen Jersey Slub Knit (Advanced Sewists and above)
Cotton/Spandex Jersey Blend (Good for Intermediates)​
​95% Bamboo / 5% Spandex Jersey Knit (Good for Intermediates)

Notion: 1/4 or 1/2″ Stay Tape (Nancy Zieman, 2 sided is excellent).  Advice:  Do not use anything else but a stay tape.

Stay Tape Advisement: If you use a fabric without spandex, you must use stay tape along the armholes for stability.

Serger:  Using a Serger will definitely help, but not necessarily required for skilled sewists.

size chart

Printer and Paper:  This project takes 18 pages of paper.  Remember that you are taping the paper edge to edge, corner of paper abutting the other corner.  The spirals on this pattern take extra time and patience to cut out, but it is very worth it.


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