Fit For Fashion Book Review

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  • PublisherWallace Homestead Book Company
  • Published1/01/1983
  • Pages125
Fit for Fashion
Recommended Book for Alterations

The book “Fit for Fashion” by Katherine Schlitz is an exceptional guide for pattern alteration and fitting, and it’s highly recommended for anyone who enjoys sewing. The Sewing Buzz, has given an excellent review of this book.

Although written in 1983, this book is not outdated except in terms to it’s reference of tissue patterns and some outdated words.

The book covers everything from measuring oneself to pattern alteration techniques for different body parts, such as shoulders, bust, sleeves, skirts, and pants. The author provides clear and concise instructions on how to alter patterns for wide, square, sloping, narrow, and multiple shoulders, which is a great help for those with unique shoulder shapes.

The book also includes a full array of information on bust alterations, including vertical darted bodice, horizontal darted bodice, and bodice with no dart. It also covers reducing bust shape and Princess darts, which are fantastic techniques for plus-sized pattern alterations.

The sleeve alteration section is equally informative, providing guidance on sleeve length, girth changes, and Raglan sleeve alterations. The book also includes skirt alterations and introduces pants alterations, including changing the crotch point and preventing droopy drawers.

The Sewing Buzz states that they love and use this book in their pattern designs and highly recommend it for pattern alteration considerations. The book is well-written and easy to understand, making it suitable for beginners and advanced sewers alike.

In conclusion, “Fit for Fashion” by Katherine Schlitz is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their pattern alteration skills. It’s a comprehensive guide that covers a wide range of alterations and provides clear instructions for each technique. Overall, it’s a valuable addition to any sewing enthusiast’s bookshelf.

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Marjorie Vaudreuil

Marjorie Vaudreuil, also known as Margie of SewingPatternSecrets LLC, is a writer and avid sewist with a background in fine art and design.

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