Sundress Sewing Patterns: Sister Dresses 6 to 14 and 14X-24

Pattern Illustration

Sister Dresses for the Summer

We created the pattern for the summer shift, square neck in 2021 and it was a huge hit.  (Illustration below)  We just love the simplicity of the design and the fresh feeling it projects.  The neck line is lovely with the trim, but not too fussy. 

We wanted to make another one just like it in plus size, however….

We soon learned that this design does not translate well into plus sizes, unless you’d like to look like you are wearing a paper bag. And we didn’t think you’d like that! So we changed the square neck to a slight V and added princess seams.  It worked!   The design is still reminiscent of the shift dress, only better!  (Illustrative of Hummingbird dress in Featured Image)

Square Neck Shift Dress
Sleeveless Option
Sizes 6 to 14
Intermediate Level Pattern

Help us name this dress by writing in the comments at the bottom of this page.  Suggest some names that would work well.

Square neck shift dress
Summer dress illustration
Gathers at the upper bust (instead of darts) make this dress possible for the Intermediate Sewer to successfully construct.  Normally, a square neckline is a bit difficult to cut, but with this design, we use a sturdy fabric like a wide trim or brocade fabric using a pattern piece.  This creates an easier neckline for an intermediate than a bias tape neckline.  However, there is a facing with a burrito roll technique that makes this dress an intermediate level sew.  
We suggest intermediates who want to try this dress, view the burrito roll video first and practice before applying to this dress.  They may even try a child’s size burrito roll pattern first on spare fabric. The video is also on our membership site when logged in.
TIPS: Use blends to prevent extra time and steps to prevent fraying.  Beginners do not use pure linen.
There are no fastenings on this dress, so watch the measures around the bust, waist and hip.  
Main Fabric: 3.5-7.5 oz wovens like linen (advanced sewers), linen blends, handkerchief linen. Cotton chambray, shirting, or dobby. Bamboo blends. Silks (only for master sewers).  You may even try a stretch linen with up to 3% elastine only.
Coordinating Fabric: Fashion wovens similar in weight and fabric type used in the main fabric. Not more than 2oz heavier than main fabric, or it will not seam well with the other fabric and will be too stiff.  Use brocade, Japanese brocade, damask, dobby, jackyard, or herringbone.

"The Hummingbird" Summer Dress
2 Sleeve Option
Princess Seams with Neck Edging
Sizes: 14X-24
Intermediate to Advanced Level

Pattern Illustration
Pattern Illustration
Notion:  Zipper in the back.
Main Fabric: 4.5 – 5.5 oz Linens/Linen Blends, Cottons/Cotton Blends with up to 5% spandex.
Coordinating Fabric for Neck and Hem Borders: Fashion wovens similar in weight and fabric type used in the main fabric. Not more than 2oz heavier than main fabric, or it will not seam well with the other fabric and will be too stiff.  Use brocade, Japanese brocade, damask, dobby, jackyard, or herringbone.

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