Sewing Machine Repair: Tips to Keep Your Machine Running Smoothly

Sewing Machine

Common Sewing Machine Problems and Solutions

When learning a new skill, it’s natural to make mistakes. However, even experienced seamstresses can experience common issues that can be frustrating and can cause distress. The sound of an abnormal noise coming from the machine can be a signal that something is not right and needs attention. Don’t let these setbacks discourage you, with the right knowledge and understanding, you’ll be able to fix these problems and continue your sewing journey.

Thread Bunching

Thread bunching occurs when there is no tension on the upper thread, causing the thread to bunch under the fabric. To fix this, rethread the machine, raising the presser foot lifter and take-up lever to the highest position according to your machine’s manual. This will help to adjust the tension.

Skipping or Uneven Stitches

Skipping or uneven stitches are often caused by a damaged or broken needle. To prevent this, experts recommend replacing your needle every 16 hours of stitching time. Additionally, be sure not to pull the fabric too hard as this can damage the machine and affect the stitching.

Continuously Breaking Needles

If the needle is breaking frequently, it could be the wrong size or type for the fabric. Be sure to use the appropriate size and type of needle for your project, such as a size 9 or 11 for delicate fabrics and a size 18 for heavy fabrics like denim.

Can't Sew Over Bulky Fabrics

If you do not have a built in walking foot and feed dogs to move bulky fabrics through, try adding a levelor to add a little height to the back end of the presser foot and level out uneven fabric through the machine.  

Bobbin Won't Wind Evenly

It sounds ridiculous, but it’s worth mentioning.  Take the sticker off of the top of the thread spool before using it.  Often the sticker keeps the thread from turning over the spool.  

Make sure that the bobbin is positioned correctly according to the machine’s user guide.

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  1. I bought s heavy duty Singer machine/ no one can get the needle out to replace it. I am using the same needle over and over and tried so hard to remove it that actually it isn’t straight in the machine as it should be . Where can I get help on a small town with no repairman here?
    I have never written you before this time . Probably sent it twice today thinking it had not gone through?

    1. Hi Jeanette, I feel like I’m speaking the words my husband always says to me. If you need an answer, go to YouTube and search inside there. So I did find something on people having this same problem. Maybe you can check it out and if it’s not quite right, you too can search as well inside YouTube. Here’s the link:

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