Sewing Video Tutorials: We offer Short Videos Directly Related to Our Patterns

TriGlide Fastener

Sewing Pattern Secrets offers over 46 videos on our paid sewing platform and several on our free pattern platform.  Sign up here for 5 Free Pattern Sampler Site.  From simple top pocket instructions to inserting a zipper, we offer fast and specific instructions for you to follow on trickier parts of our patterns.  We do not have sew-a-longs, which can be soooo long.

Our Approach to Videos - Video Shorts

I’m a long winded person at times, but I can’t stand long-winded, time consuming lessons.  Who has time for that?  If I don’t have time for it, I assume most of the world doesn’t either.

So what we created at Sewing Pattern Secrets are short videos for tricky construction methods for beginners and intermediate sewists.  95% of the videos pertain to our sewing patterns on our paid and free sites.   

One Site, Less Surfing for How-Tos, Fabrics, Supplies

What this means, is you likely will not have to surf the internet or YouTube for help with our patterns.  It’s nearly a one-stop sewing experience, with the exception of waiting for the fabric, sewing tools, and printer tools to arrive.  If you need additional help, you can call or write for help at 1-833-SEW-EASY or  

How to Ask Questions:  I do ask for complete sentences.  Indicate if you are talking about a paid or free product, with well thought out backstory with your questions, to eliminate the inaccuracies that occur with texting a long winded question and answer trail.  

Please tell me what project you are working on, what step or area you have questions on, and any important details.

See our Free Video Samples

In addition to our videos on how to print the prep and print the patterns, and pattern specific video shorts mentioned above, we also provide other general reference videos like, How to Work with Satins.  See the blog on satin and the video sample at the end of the blog.

See some of our videos in our DIY and Tutorial blog articles, like The Burrito Roll.

The free videos included in our 5 Free Patterns Sampler Site are:

  • The Men’s Robe Top Pocket Assembly
  • The Women’s Classics Shift Dress Bust Dart
  • The Women’s Shift Dress Burrito Roll for V Neck
  • How to Prep and Print the Patterns

Send your feedback about videos to us at, as well as any questions about the videos or the five free patterns site.

>See Other patterns included on the paid membership site.

>See the Baby Kimono Pattern in Premie or Baby available on our paid membership site.

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